Q:How do I scan the entire hard drive?
A:To scan an entire drive, please drag the corresponding entry from the "Volumes" pane in the bottom-right corner of the program onto the main chart area. Be aware that scanning an entire disk may take some time.

Q:How can I delete files I don't need?
A:This is a two-stage process. First, drag the files or folders from the "Details" pane onto the green "Bin" button. This adds them to the list of items to be deleted (but no actual deletion is done). Then, when you've assembled a list of files and are ready to delete them, click on the "Bin" button itself. This brings up a dialog with a list of everything that will be deleted. If you change your mind, you can click the red "X" next to each entry to unmark the file and leave it untouched. When ready, you click the "Delete" button. This will move all the files marked with a red "X" to Trash.

Q:Why is the "Scan Location" button disabled in full-screen mode?
A:This button normally brings up Mac OS's standard file selection dialog. This dialog doesn't appear correctly when the application is in full-screen mode, which is why the corresponding button is disabled.

Q:What does the "Top 50" button do?
A:This button switches the detail view between showing the immediate child entries of the folder you are scanning and showing a global Top 50 largest files in all folders and subfolders (and sub-subfolders, and so on) of the location being scanned.