Swirlicity is a fun particle drawing, swirling and twirling iPad app based on the physics of fluid dynamics. It doesn't just let you draw and then swirl particles - it also has an attract and repel modes, automatic wind toggle, and even lets you turn any image of yours into particles and manipulate that! All this is done to a beautiful, calming ambient background music.

You can also take screenshots - either tap the screen with two fingers at the same time, or press (and hold) the home button and then press the standby button at the top of your iPad.


  • Four modes - draw, swirl, repel, and attract.
  • Turn any image into particles to twirl!
  • Automatic wind toggle - just turn it on to enjoy automatic particle twirling.
  • Vibrant, beautiful colors.
  • Soothing and calming soundtrack.
  • Highly tuned and optimized, allowing thousands of particles on the screen at the same time.
  • Screenshot function supported.

  • Please note that while several competing particle apps also came out recently, Swirlicity was developed completely independently from them. We decided to take a little bit more time to do additional testing and polishing, and have the app exactly as we imagined it. As a result were not the first to the market, but we believe we are the best. :)