Team Alpha is a fast-paced top-down action game. You play as an elite commando whose task is to eradicate all mutants in a government lab where a secret biological experiment has gone awry. To stop them from multiplying, you have to destroy all ten reactors which power the incubators.

Team Alpha utilizes our brand-new, carefully developed and optimized game engine, which allows us to have large levels (some with over 40 rooms!) with large numbers of animated monsters and explosions, and still always run at a high frame rate to ensure smooth, uninterrupted gameplay.

You start with two pistols, but can purchase many more weapons, such as shotguns, plasma guns, or automatic rifles, once you accumulate cash an experience. You also have an inventory to carry extra weapons, armor, and grenades.

Try the free demo of Team Alpha now and see for yourself!


  • Fast-paced gameplay with throngs of attacking monsters.
  • 10 levels with almost 200 rooms to explore.
  • Upgradeable weapon systems, with four carried at any time.
  • Automatic game saving, which preserves the entire level in its exact state.
  • Killer sound effects, with different sounds for different weapons and monsters.
  • Destructible level items.
  • Local and global top scores - compete with the rest of the world to see who's best!
  • Dual dial controls.
  • Level map screen for better level navigation.
  • Special grenade weapon.

  • Buttons and Controls

    Tips and Tricks

  • To complete each level, you must find and destroy a tall, bluish reactor.
  • The weapons you use are the one you carry - meaning the ones you drag and drop onto the four top cells in the Inventory tab in the Store.
  • On later levels, buy armor to reduce the damage from enemy attacks. It does not need to be carried to take effect, and can remain in your general inventory.
  • Having a couple grenades in the inventory can be handy if you find yourself overwhelmed. Just like armor, you do not need to carry grenades to be able to use them.
  • Experiment with various weapons, since each has its own set of strength and weaknesses.
  • Exploding barrels is fun, but is not as meaningless as it may appear at first.