Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived six merry train engines. They hauled people and cargo to their destinations all day, but when the time came for each to go home, they suddenly realized they were completely and utterly lost. They each knew that their home is of the same color as they themselves are, but, alas, they just couldn't find a way back.

And so, as they set out on their long homeward journey, they seek your help and guidance in reaching their destinations. Will you be able to guide them all safely home, through snows and deserts, over mountains and across rivers?


  • 28 puzzle levels that will progerssively test your skills
  • Additional free-play mode with procedural map generation
  • Universal support for both your iPad and your iPhone/iPod Touch
  • Full Retina Display support for iPhone 4 and 4S
  • Gradually developing cities with 34 different building types
  • 6 different train eras
  • Light, atmospheric background music
  • Autosave so you never lose your progress
  • Full Retina Display support for iPhone 4 and 4S
  • Three difficulty levels
  • Local and global high scores



The first mountain range puzzle.  Full-Size Image

One of the river levels.  Full-Size Image

Desert and color changers.  Full-Size Image

A slightly more complicated level.  Full-Size Image

Winter mountains.  Full-Size Image