Ultraviolet Dawn Privacy Policy


Ultraviolet Dawn does not collect any personal, usage, or tracking information from any of the devices you install it on, with the exception of the following, which require your explicit consent:

  • A nickname of your choice and a score for submission to the global high scores list when the game ends. If you do not wish to share this information, hit the "Cancel" button on the score submission screen.


    Similarly, Ultraviolet Dawn does not share any information from the information collected, as state above, except the following:

  • When the user chooses to submit a nickname and a high score to the global high scores list, the two pieces of information become visible to everyone globally.

  • When the users chooses to share a link to the game via Facebook or Twitter, the post with a link to the game's app store and/or official web page is created in the user's feed. The visibility of the post is determined by the user's privacy settings on each particular website.

  • Please note that we do not automatically share or post anything, and all the points described above require user's explicit actions to occur.