Woolyball is a fresh take on a classic "match five" series of games. Featuring two incredible visual styles, two different game modes, and one addictive gameplay, it'll keep you busy for days on end, and vastly improve your pattern-recognition skills to boot.

The game starts in an incredible cutesy Furry mode, where each piece on a board is a charming little furball full of life that blinks, jumps, and watches you and other balls nearby. They even make furball-like sounds when you move them. For those who want something a bit more neutral, there's a polished metal mode, where each piece becomes a brushed metal ball.

The main idea is to match five or more balls of the same color in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line by moving one ball every turn. For every ball moved, three new ones appear on the board, except for the turns where you clear a line or more. The game ends when the entire board becomes full. This seemingly simple idea is surprisingly addictive, testing both speed and pattern recognition, and provides literally days of fun (it did for us! :).

Woolyball comes with two game modes - a Classic where there's just you, pieces, and the board, and nothing else to get in your way; and a more whimsical Enhanced mode, which adds color changers, portals, and stone obstacles for you to take into account. For those who have aced both modes, there's also three difficulty settings for each.

Get it now and see for yourself! :)


  • Two completely different visual styles - polished aluminum spheres or cutesy furry creatures
  • Two game modes, Classic and Enhanced, for extra replayability
  • Portals, bombs, multi-balls, color changers, and other funky twists on the classic game
  • The furries will never let you be bored! They constantly blink, make cutesy sounds, and watch your moves as you play the game
  • Full Retina Display support for all iPhones and iPads
  • Autosave so you never lose your progress
  • Three difficulty levels
  • Local and global high scores
  • Game Center support



A typical fuzzy situation.  Full-Size Image

Alternate field style.  Full-Size Image

Bombs, teleports, color changers ahoy!  Full-Size Image

Someone just got exploded...  Full-Size Image

New game choice settings.  Full-Size Image