Did you ever wonder what would happen if a game studio wrote a disk scanner using its game engine? Wonder no more. Introducing Disk Falcon, our upcoming brand-new disk scanning utility for Mac OS X and Windows 8. Based on highly acclaimed game engine used in "Ultraviolet Dawn", Disk Falcon shines with the polish of over three years of engine development and testing.

Every single detail in the interface is smooth, polished, and animated. Nothing just suddenly appears on the screen. And it's not just the beauty and the futuristic interface design - Disk Falcon will quickly analyze the contents of a drive or a folder, laying out exactly what is occupying the space on your hard drive (or even on networked drives).

The results can be broken down by individual files, file types, or ages, and presented in either doughnut or bar chart (and, of course, these animate as well while the scan is ongoing). Unneeded files or folders can be dragged and dropped onto the special bin button to be queued up for deletion later.

Disk Falcon even comes with a sci-fi inspired vocal responses to your actions within the program (which can be turned off if desired).

Please note that the Mac OS X demo is fully functional, but is limited to a trial period of 7 days only. If you have enjoyed using it, please consider purchasing the full version to support us.


  • Incredible futuristic interface design.
  • Doughnut or bar chart visualization styles.
  • Breakdown by individual files, file types, or file ages.
  • Real-time, animated scanning feedback and updates.
  • Multi-level folder disk usage visualization.
  • Ability to queued up and delete unneeded files from within the program.
  • Support for dragging and dropping files and folders from Finder to perform scanning.
  • Instant folder navigation once the scan is finished.
  • Vocal responses to your actions within the program.
  • Full-screen mode for enhanced visual experience.
  • "Show in Finder" option for all files on Mac OS X.



Doughnut chart view of local files and folders.  Full-Size Image

Age chart of all files scanned.  Full-Size Image

Bar chart view of the files being scanned.  Full-Size Image

Files sorted by file type.  Full-Size Image